Event ecoPod 11

Event ecoPod 11


The first large dome in the series, compact and roomy.



    Floor area - 95 m2

    Diameter - 11 m

    Maximum height - 5 m


    Number of strings - 250

    Frequency - 4

    Wind load 120 km / h

    The weight of the set is 650 kg

    The set includes:

    Steel frame - diameter 32mm / 1.5mm with a set of galvanized fasteners, powder coating. (White color)

    Cover - made of architectural PVC membrane 650g / m2, Belgian origin "SIOEN", ultra transparent "Achilles" 0.65mm, Japanese origin. Fire standard G1 / M2

    The door is fastened

    Windows - Panoramic window

    Ventilation - 5 ventilation dampers

    Possible additional options:

    Magnified panoramic window

    Full-fledged doors

    Rolls and mosquito nets

    Door hoop

    Hole for stove-fireplace

    Tunnel to connect several domes

    Accommodation of guests:

    Standing: 145 people.

    Sitting in rows: 125 people.

    Buffet: 100 people.

    Round table: 75 people.



    After signing the agreement and specification, payment is made in 2 tranches, prepayment 80% and 20% on the day of shipment / installation.

    Cashless and cash payment.


    The type and cost of delivery is discussed individually, according to the carrier's tariffs. Self-pickup from a warehouse in Ivano-Frankivsk is possible.


    Frame - 5 year warranty!

    PVC membrane - 5 year warranty!