Internal three-layer insulation

Internal three-layer insulation


This complex is designed for efficient use of ecoPod domes all year round, because this insulation works both in summer and winter. In summer it retains subsoil heat, and in winter it retains heat.


    Characteristics of materials:

    - Polyester ECO insulation - environmental safety (made of hypoallergenic fibers, which are also used for the manufacture of clothing, furniture, home textiles; does not emit caustic dust, carcinogens and formaldehyde - which gives almost 100% safety for humans and the environment).

    Thermal insulation (thermal conductivity - 0,031-0,037 W / m * K). Sound insulation (sound absorption coefficient: from 0.8 to 0.95). Durability (retains its qualities throughout the life of the structure). Fire safety (self-extinguishing, flammable);

    - Folar B is the most durable and heat-resistant version of reflective insulation. It consists of double-sided reinforced glass mesh foil and serves as a thermal barrier, as well as vapor, hydro and windproof material. Folar insulation is an environmentally friendly product. It enhances the characteristics of insulating materials, withstands high mechanical loads, is not subject to corrosion, rot and exposure to UV radiation

    - Oxford fabric D600PU 230g / m2

    Oxford fabric (English Oxford) - is made on the basis of polyester or nylon threads. This is a synthetic fabric that has a number of advantages that allow you to make it tourist clothes, equipment, covers, awnings. Oxford PU (polyurethane) coating is an internal (colorless) coating that provides waterproof and windproof properties of the fabric.

    Set of fasteners and caps.

    To calculate the cost of insulation, use the following data of the shell area:

    Dome ecoPod 4 - 40m2

    Dome ecoPod 5 - 55m2

    Dome ecoPod 6 - 65m2

    Dome ecoPod 7 - 75m2

    Dome ecoPod 8 - 82m2

    Other sizes are calculated individually.



    After signing the agreement and specification, payment is made in 2 tranches, prepayment 80% and 20% on the day of shipment / installation.

    Cashless and cash payment.


    The type and cost of delivery is discussed individually, according to the carrier's tariffs. Self-pickup from a warehouse in Ivano-Frankivsk is possible.

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