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Investment in glamping

yield up to 55% and payback of 24 months


Glamping is a holiday in nature, but a luxury class. Literally translated glamorous camping - glamorous camping. Instead of tents and sleeping bags - a cozy dome with a soft bed, instead of a toilet under a tree and swimming in the river - a bathroom with all amenities. This holiday is designed for travelers who do not mind living in the bosom of wildlife, but at the same time are not ready to go hiking.



By 2025, the global glamping market will reach $ 4.30 billion

PAM - $ 8.6 trillion. The volume of the world tourism market

TAM - $ 610.2 billion hospitality market in the world

SAM - $ 180.1 billion The market size of premium hotels in the world

SOM - $ 4.3 billion.

The expected glamping market by 2025


Quick start

Start the project 3 months after the approval of the concept

Ease of management

Glamping control and management system in the phone, simplicity and peace of mind

Unique accommodation

We are manufacturers of ecoPod domes and components. We guarantee high quality, reliability


Relocate as a feature of business and the ability to work in a leased location


Without capital construction and lengthy processes. Maximum preservation of the location microflora


Ability to increase the first, or create another glamping on a single system

$ 70,000

Minimum investment amount

$ 250,000

The cost of year-round glamping for 10 domes

$ 206,800

Annual income of glamping


$ 113,800

EBITDA per year without additional income


Business profitability


Occupancy factor in the calculation  

We will create a space for you

* depends on location, equipment and other circumstances