Quality guarantee

The company guarantees the quality of ecoPod TM domes, we guarantee the absence of production defects within 90 days from the date of shipment of the goods. If a defect is detected during this period, we must correct the defect or replace the product. In the future, we guarantee that the cover will not lose quality and durability. It will not burn, crack or lose its core characteristics for 5 years.


SIOEN coating (Belgium) fabric: more than 10 years durability, 5 years warranty.

Achilles (Japan) fabric: durability over 7 years, 5 year warranty.

The frame: durability more than 15 years, a guarantee of 5 years.


This warranty does not cover the following cases and defects:

  1. modification of the product

  2. unauthorized or improperly performed repairs

  3. incorrect assembly, installation or dismantling

  4. accident or vandalism

  5. improper maintenance or unusual loads

  6. improper storage

  7. defects from frequent assembly or disassembly

  8. extreme weather conditions